Meeting Your Needs with Compassion and Clarity

Life’s transitions often take us by surprise. Every woman’s journey through life is unique. And yet the financial questions that arise at the crossroads of life tend to be similar.

  • What should I do next with my finances?
  • Will I have enough money to live comfortably and feel secure?
  • Can I take care of my family, from aging parents to children and grandchildren?
  • Do I have the information I need to feel confident in my decisions?
  • Do I have a smart financial plan, and does it align with my values and priorities?
  • Should I change my investments? Do I need insurance?

First, we listen. We listen so that we can understand what is on your mind. We help you sort through all your concerns and help you identify the real issues. We answer your questions and help illuminate your current situation and your path in the future.

Life is full of change, whether from retirement, job loss, divorce, illness, or death of a partner. We work with you to identify your next steps and to define your needs and goals. We analyze the impact of major life transitions, and design financial recommendations to help you move forward in a way that makes sense for you.

While our practice serves men, women, families, and multiple generations, we are especially equipped to recognize, anticipate, and meet women’s specialized needs.

Let us help smooth your journey through life’s transitions with a solid financial plan crafted just for you.