Facing Divorce with a Financial Plan and Advisor at Her Side

When we first met our client, she was at a crisis point in her life. She and her husband had owned and run a local business together for many years. They had children and grandchildren, a strong community and church presence, and a solid local business. Unfortunately, the wife suspected her marriage might be in danger. Read more.


Financial Triage Turns into a Long-Term Support System

The attorney of a “40-something” woman whose husband had suddenly passed away called us to help her client. The client was looking for help sorting through the family’s financial and investment accounts, developing a new budget, and learning about college funding for her two teenage daughters. Read more.


A Better Understanding Makes for a Better Plan

A couple, married 50 years, was referred by their accountant from a major national firm. The couple was concerned that their current investment manager, whom they met with quarterly, wasn't connecting with them. Read more.